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Excel Formula Generator

Boost your spreadsheet productivity with our Excel Formula Generator. Create and automate complex calculations and analyses in Excel, Google Sheets, or Airtable. Say goodbye to manual formula writing and streamline your workflow with AI.

Excel Formula Explainer

Unlock the power of Excel formulas with our comprehensive explainer bot. Gain a deep understanding of calculations and data analysis through detailed explanations. Simplify complex expressions and become an Excel formula wizard.

SQL Query Generator

Simplify the process of crafting, troubleshooting, and refining intricate SQL queries across various database systems using the power of AI. Our tool streamlines the generation, debugging, and modification of complex SQL queries, eliminating the need for manual coding.

Automated Script Generator: VBA, Apps Scripts, and Airtable Scripts

Streamline your workflow by effortlessly generating VBA scripts for Excel, Apps Scripts for Google Workspace, and Airtable scripts. These automation scripts empower you to automate and streamline repetitive tasks, significantly boosting productivity within these platforms.


People love our product and we love them back, thats why we still have a generous free tier



No credit card required

  • Formula Generator for Excel and Sheets.
  • Formula Explainer for Excel and Sheets.
  • Script Generator not included.
  • SQL Generator not included.
  • 4 requests per day.
  • Limited access to customer support.

Pro plan

Save 25% with yearly!


  • Formula Generator for Excel, Sheets, and Airtable.
  • Formula Explainer for Excel, Sheets, and Airtable.
  • VBA script, Apps Script, and Airtable Script Generator.
  • SQL Query Generator.
  • Regex Generator.
  • Excel Template Generator.
  • up to 100 requests per day.
  • Priority access to customer support.

Frequently asked questions

What can I use GPTExcel for?

You may use GPTExcel to Generate Spreadsheet formulas, SQL Queries, Apps Script and VBA Scripts easily with the power of AI.

What languages are supported?

Our Artificial Intelligence can understand 50+ languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian and Hindi

Can I use GPTExcel without a credit card?

Yes you can! You can sign up and use gptexcel for free. you get 4 Free requests per day

Will I get an invoice for my purchase?

Yes, you immediately get an invoice via email as soon as you complete your purchase. You will also get invoice every month for your subscription.

How do I cancel my account subscription?

You can easily cancel your GPTExcel subscription any time from your Billing page. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

Your GPTExcel subscription plan will remain untouched until the end of your billing cycle. After that, your account will revert back to the Free plan.